Simple, Elegant Architecture

1st Technologies is a unique, full service IT consulting firm. Our approach combines superior knowledge and wisdom to provide prudent solutions at greatly reduced cost in record time. We design elegant solutions that minimize effort and maximize value.

What We Do

Some of our services include:

  • Security Audit and Consulting
  • VDI image creation and optimization
  • Fixed-cost, rapid desktop builds and managed desktops
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Deployment and Configuration
  • Information Technology Services and Staffing
  • Application Rationalization and Packaging
  • Training
  • Datacenter Design and Migration

All with Predictable Costs and Consistent Quality!


We believe that the days of asking every client to re-invent the wheel are over. Our advantage is our growing suite of pre-built, fixed price solutions that you can leverage to cut the time and expense of a typical project by as much as 9/10th. What's more, 1st Technologies Springs™ won't lock you in but rather, leave you with open, industry standard solutions.


At 1st Technologies, we take pride that our best practices are exactly that, best practices for the client not the vendor. We begin with thorough research and in-the-field testing to find the best technologies, but this is just the beginning. We take a holistic approach that considers the entire experience of a given solution from labor and workflow to discourse and documentation. TCO merely scratches the surface.

Is cloud the right direction for your company or is cost your main concern? Is visualization the right option or are you mainly concerned with commoditization and mobility? Should you adopt DevOps, LEAN or Agile practices? 1st Technologies looks at the problem first and finds the right solution independently of the vicissitudes of the IT market place.

1st Technologies avoids the pitfall of typical IT service providers by side-stepping IT fads and entropy-prone architecture; designing for truly a extended service life.

Fractal IT™

At 1st Technologies we hold that sound process and sound technology go hand in hand. We employ unique IT processes that are agile, efficient, productive and naturally intuitive.

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